"You are not a scientist and don't deserve to be called a scientist unless you have made an original discovery, and you have to make a great discovery to be a great scientist. (Prof. James Watson, 1962 Physiology or Medicine Nobel laureate)".



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Hadi Nur's Academic Background

B.Sc. from Institut Teknologi Bandung, Chemistry

M.Eng.(cum laude) from Institut Teknologi Bandung, Materials Engineering 

Ph.D. from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Zeolite Chemistry and Catalysis

Postdoctoral research for 4.5 years at Hokkaido University, Japan and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Click here for my scientific biography

Hadi Nur's research focus

  • Heterogeneous catalyst and catalysis (including special topic on Phase Boundary Catalysis, a new approach proposed by Hadi Nur, Shigeru Ikeda and Bunsho Ohtani. Pease refer this topic in the following websites: Wikipedia and www.chemie.de)
  • nanostructured materials,
  • microporous and mesoporous materials,
  • photocatalysis, and
  • polymeric materials.


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  • “Bioinspired Approach in the Synthesis of Hierarchically Porous Catalyst Derived from Averrhoa Bilimbi for the Conversion of High Molecular Weight Cellulose”, Fundamental Research Grant Scheme Vot. 4F626 (Sub Project: R.J130000.7809.4F626 (RM113,000). 1 December 2014 - 30 November 2016 (Project leader)
  • “Development of Chiral-Selective Photocatalytic Organic Synthesis System Using Hollow Core-Shell Particles of Titania Core and Silica Shell with Chiral-Modified Pores”, University Grant Program (GUP) - Tier 2: Vot. 10J41 (Sub Project: Q.J130000.2601.10J41) (RM28,500). 1 May 2015 - 30 April 2015 (Project leader)
  • “The nanoparticles metal-carbon with core/shell structure as selective and active catalyst in the oxidation of alkenes”, University Grant Program (GUP) - Tier 1: Vot. 06H22 (Sub Project: Q.J130000.2501.06H22) (RM60,000). 1 April 2014 - 31 March 2016 (Project leader)
  • "Temperature-controlled selectivity in oxidation of alkenes by using aqueous hydrogen peroxide by layer textile catalyst and its mechanism", Fundamental Research Grant Scheme Vot. 4F169 (Sub Project: R.J130000.7826.4F169) (RM92,000). 1 April 2013 - 31 March 2015 (Project leader)
  • “Well-Aligned Titania Synthesized Under Magnetic Field by Using Liquid Crystal as Alignment Agent for Solar Cells Application”, University Grant Program (GUP) - PDRU: Vot. 02E05 (Sub Project: Q.J130000.21A2.02E05) (RM77,000). 1 November 2014 - 31 October 2015 (Project leader)
  • “Preparation of Titanium(IV), Zinc(II) and Nickel(II) Complexes Silica-Based Catalysis for Limonene and 1-Octene Oxidation Reactions”, University Grant Program (GUP) - PDRU: Vot. 01E47 (Sub Project: Q.J130000.21A2.01E47) (RM77,000). 1 April 2014 - 31 March 2015 (Project leader)
  • Well-Aligned Titania Synthesized Under Magnetic Field by Using Liquid Crystal as Alignment Agent for Solar Cells Application”, University Grant Program (GUP) - PDRU: Vot. 00E99 (Sub Project: Q.J130000.21A2.00E99) (RM77,000). 1 November 2013 - 31 October 2014 (Project leader)
  • "Well-aligned titania with high length to diameter ratio synthesized under magnetic field using liquid crystal", University Grant Program (GUP) - Tier 1: Vot. 03H88 (Sub Project: Q.J130000.2526.03H88) (RM120,000). 1 December 2012 - 30 November 2014 (Project leader)
  • "Transition metal complex functionalized silica covered nano magnetite catalyst", University Grant (GUP) Program - Tier 2: Q.J130000.2626.08J36 (RM36,634). 1 December 2012 - 31 December 2013 (Project leader)
  • "Synthesis of preferred oriented titanium dioxide materials under strong magnetic field and their photocatalytic activity", Nippon Sheet Glass Foundation for Materials Science and Engineering Vot. 4B054 (Sub Project: J13000073264B054) (USD 6,000). 2012-2013 (Project leader)
  • "Synthesis, characterization and application of amine  surface bonded nanoporous carbon spheres in removal of new emerging pollutants", University Grant Program (GUP) - Flagship:  Q.J130000.2426.00G05 (RM 300,600) 2011-2013 (31/07/2013) (Project leader)
  • "A new approach in control of the catalytic activity and selectivity in oxidation reactions by magnetic field", University Grant (GUP) Program - Tier1: Q.J130000.7126.01H06 (RM 169,000) 2011-2013 (31/03/2013) (Project leader)
  • "Electric field-induced catalysis over electrically conducting surface", Fundamental Research Grant Scheme Vot. 78472 (RM 32,000) 2009-2011 (14/11/2011) (Project leader)
  • "A novel design of heterogeneous catalyst for liquid-gas reaction system using hollow polymer nanospheres", Sciencefund research grant: Vot: 79384 (RM 218,000) 2009-2011 (30/09/2011) (Project leader)
  • "Structure-catalytic activity relationship of hydrolyzed alkylsilane functionalized with amino acid as heterogeneous micellar catalysis", Fundamental Research Grant Scheme: Vot: 78399 (RM 46,000) 2009-2011 (13/08/2011) (Project leader)
  • "Gold nanoparticles embedded on polymeric layer as novel label for biological diagnostics", Sciencefund research grant: Vot: 79126 (RM 184,000) 2007-2009 (Project leader)
  • "Mechanocatalysis with electrically induced contractile electro-active polymer", Fundamental Research Grant Scheme: Vot. 78070 (RM 61,000) 2007-2009 (Project Leader).
  • "Electrically Induced ContractileElectro-Active Polymer as Catalyst for Immiscible Liquid-Liquid Reaction", TWAS Grants in Basic Sciences - Trieste, Italy (USD 5,000) 2005-2007: Vot 73323 (Project Leader).
  • "Design of Chiral Solid Catalysts by Molecular Imprinting Method with Polyaminoacid as Chiral Promoter", IRPA EAR RM 8 research grant (RM 88,000), 2005-2007: Vot 74284 [Final Report] (Project Leader).

    I was involved with many other projects (> 10 projects) as a researcher. In the following projects, my contribution was significant, I was involved in writing proposals, conducting experiments and writing scientific publications.

  • "Microheterogeneous catalytic system for oxidation reaction with aqueous hydrogen peroxide", 2002-2007, IRPA Top-down RM 8 research grant (RM 650,000) (Researcher).
  • "Development of a novel catalytic system for synthesis of useful organic materials", Grant-in-Aid for Encouragement of Young Scientists (No. 99302) from Ministry of Education, Science, Sports and Culture, Japan (Researcher). Please click here to download the progress report and to see poster on phase boundary catalysis.
  • "Metal-substituted AlPO4-5 molecular sieves as potential catalysts for conversion of alcohols", IRPA EAR RM 7 research grant, 1995-1998 (Researcher). Please click here to download the progress report.
  • "Direct Synthesis of NaA Zeolite From Rice Husk and Carboneceous Rice Husk Ash", IRPA EAR RM 7 research grant, 1995-2000 (Researcher). Please click here to download the progress report.